Crab Masala

Minced crab marinatedwith garam masala,coconut milk,and spiced mashed potatoescoatedwith breadcrumbs.Cooked In a mild sauce

Duck Haydrabadi

This dish is for someone who loves nuts asit is prepared with cashewnuts and pistachio nuts. Cooked in a medium to mild sauce.

Jaypuri Chicken

Chicken on the bone lightly spicedwith coconut milk,mango pulp and a hint of ghee, garnishedwith thin crispy potatoes.

Kolkata Lamb

Irresistible tendersucculent pieces of lamb preparedwith traditional recipescooked to perfection for a unique flavour.


Wholewhite Pomfret fish marinatedwith turmeric,fresh garlic, ginger and green chilli,cookedwith chefs own special recipe for an unique flavour.

Nepali Chicken Tikka Masala

Sweet and sour dish preparedwith yoghurt,mixture ofspices,lemon zest and a hint ofsweet mango.