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Allergies Information

  • C = Corn
  • CF = Corn Flour
  • D = Dairy
  • E = Egg
  • F = Fish
  • SF = Shellfish
  • G = Gluten
  • M = Mustard
  • Ml = Milk
  • N = Nuts
  • SS = Sesame Seeds
  • V = Vegetables
  • H = Hot
  • Sh = Slightly Hot

All our dishes contain coriander
All fish may have bones

Vegetarian Side Dishes

Mushroom And Broad Beans

Shallots mango powder coriander spring onions

Stir Fried Courgette

Ginger red onions bell peppers coriander spring onions

Bombay Potatoes (M)

Five spice mustard kashmiri chilli coriander spring onions

Bindhi Dupiaza (Okra) (M)

Onions bell peppers five spice turmeric Kashmiri chilli

Saag Bhaji

Garlic roasted cumin coriander tomato

Tarka Dhall

Mix lentils garlic cumin roasted chillies curry leaves coriander

Chana Masala

White chickpeas tempered with onion tomatoes coriander spring onions

Cauliflower Bhaji (M)

Mustard turmeric Kashmiri chilli coriander spring onions

Saag Aloo (M)

Spinach and potatoes five spice herbs

Aloo Gobi (M)

Cauliflower and potatoes onions coriander spring onions

Vegetable Bhaji (C)(M)

Kashmiri chilli five spice onions coriander garlic