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Allergies Information

  • C = Corn
  • CF = Corn Flour
  • D = Dairy
  • E = Egg
  • F = Fish
  • SF = Shellfish
  • G = Gluten
  • M = Mustard
  • Ml = Milk
  • N = Nuts
  • SS = Sesame Seeds
  • V = Vegetables
  • H = Hot
  • Sh = Slightly Hot

All our dishes contain coriander
All fish may have bones


Lamb Shank (M)

Ground spice cardamom pureed caramelized onion lentil

Tikka Masala (D)(N)
Chicken +10.95 Lamb +10.95

Barbecued lamb/chicken in cashew nut coconut creamy tomato gravy

Korma (D)(N)
Chicken +10.95 Lamb +10.95

Succulent pieces of chicken/lamb in cashew nut creamy sauce

Goan Fish Curry (F)(M)(H)

Roasted pepper corn chillies mustard coconut cream

Mixed Vegetables Kofta (C)(M)(V)

Mix vegetables balls ground spices brown onion and vegetable gravy

Saag Paneer (D)(V)

Home made Indian cottage cheese gram masala garlic roasted cumin cream

Ajwan Monkfish (F)(M)

Monkfish courgettes sweet red onion bell carom seed turmeric coconut cream mustard

Dhall Makhani (D)(V)

Black lentils red kidney beans soaked overnight simmered with tomato gram masala cream butter

Basa Fish Jholl (F)

Ground spice tomato curry leaves black olives coriander roasted chillies

Bagare Baigun (M)(V)(H)

Sauteed baby aubergines simmered in spicy coconut sauce

Achari Baigun (M)(V)(Sh)

Baby aubergines in pickling bhuna sauce

Frezi Chicken (D)

Barbecue chicken onions bell peppers bullet chillies dry tomato sauce

Chicken/Lamb Chettinad (M)(H)
Chicken +9.95 Lamb +9.95

Spicy tomato coconut sauce green chillies curry leaves

Lamb Manglore (H)

Lamb leg in hot tomato sauce peppers onions green chillies curry leaves

Garlic Chilli Chicken (D)(H)

Onions bell peppers green chillies fresh herbs roasted garlic